Royal College of Art | Design Interactions Work in Progress 2016

We were invited to design and produce the Design Interactions' Work in Progress exhibition at the Royal College of Art. The emphasis of the design was on creating a performative and programmable space which rejected usual display formats and instead provided an adaptable stage for each designer to occupy and make their own for a given time.

Our design was based on the functions of a television or photographic studio, and was almost entirely rendered in a chroma blue. The almost total chroma surface suggested that the exhibition could become anything, or simulate anywhere. 

This use of colour indicated that elements of post-production were ever-present in the display - underlining how the projects within the space were in very much in-progress.

Simple gallery furniture was designed to house audio visual equipment, provide seating and create temporary platforms for exhibits. A soft floor was laid to define a performance space and three studio backdrops provided temporary wall structures that could be adjusted for each performance and exhibition.